Debi's DIY Liquid Patina - Crystal Clear - 16oz

Debi's DIY Liquid Patina - Crystal Clear - 16oz

Liquid Patina is a do-it-all topcoat, glaze, transfer gel and decopauge medium in one easy to muse product. As a top coat it gives the sheen of wax without the work.  


As a glaze, LP can be tinted with universal tints, pigments, or paint.  We recommend a coat of clear before applying tinted LP, depending on the amount of control you want over the tinted layer.  If you want to be able to manipulate it (wipe it or otherwise texture it) a lot, then the clear layer is recommended.


1. Allow DIY Paint to dry for 24 hours to ensure it is set before applying DIY Liquid Patina.


2. For the clear layer, Pour a small amount directly onto your dry surface, and use a rag, sponge, or paintbrush to apply an even coat to the entire surface.


3.  For the tinted layer, brush and wipe using the technique appropriate for the finish you are trying to achieve.  

Made in the USA

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